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Grants Management System

Welcome to the BHF’s research Grants Management System (GMS)

The GMS allows you to submit or contribute to applications for research grants to the BHF and to manage your grant awards. It is also used by peer reviewers, committee/panel members and institutional grant administrators.

Before making an application for a research grant, ensure that you have read the appropriate pages on our website, including What we fund and How to apply.

To access the GMS, you will need to register and login, using the buttons on the top right of this page.

Terms of use

By logging into the GMS, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions of use and are acknowledging that the BHF will process your personal information for the purpose of administering and reviewing your application and managing your User Account.

Contact us

If you experience any difficulties with the GMS please email:

Banner image credit: Iona Cuthbertson, University of Cambridge – winner of BHF Reflections of Research 2019 with ‘A Sea of Cells’, showing the smooth muscle cells that surround all blood vessels.


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